Becoming a trustworthy domestic and international stone exploitation group.

Being professional; specializing in all functions, tasks, and systems; having financial transparency and consistent process.

Owning professional management system; systematizing processes, job descriptions and KPI.


2020 – 2024: Net revenue from 2000 to 4000 billion VND.

Developing new products to expand market share.

Establishing a subsidiary system to develop products in the specialized and separated model.

Expanding and developing the international market.

2025 – 2029:

Getting growth rate over 20%

Being a reputation brand in the international market.

Expanding business to construction and real estate in order to pursue the goal of becoming a multinational and multi-industry corporation.

2030 – 2040:

Becoming a leading group in stone exploitation, transportation, construction and real estate.

Stretching out business lines to Shopping services, hotels, restaurants …

Being honored in the top 100 leading enterprises in Vietnam.

Becoming one of the most popular employers in Vietnam.


Hoa An 1 Stone Co., is reliable for all customers and partners. Please put all your trust in working with us. We are committed to accuracy in every word and action; from product quality to all transaction values are guaranteed by the most accurate commitments.

Transparenting product quality with documents certified by an independent third party. This is also a requirement of many foreign partners and customers.

Being an ideal working environment for everyone, always focusing on welfare for employees. Building a corporate culture of cohesion and development.

Building brand values and images; contributing for charity programs; implementing green buildings and supporting to environmental protection.