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On June 23, 2019, the program of the announcement of Hoa An 1 Stone Company re-organization ceremony has benn taken place successfully with the participation of the Board of Directors, all staff and many close partners and customers in last time of the company.
The program offers the message about the wishes of Hoa An Stone 1’s BOD, which is to bring the company more and more professionally, to become one of the leading construction stone suppliers in the region. Therefore, Hoa An 1 Stone is focusing strongly on building a professional, enthusiastic and devoted team for customers; we are always creating high value to serve on each service and product. Hoa An 1 Stone Company also constantly invests in the development of production technology, machinery and equipment, constantly updating market demand to meet the needs of customers quickly, especially the export market.
The ceremony was attended by many distinguished guests, including the presence of Mr. Vu Long, Director of giamdoc.net who brought to the Company useful shares for contributing to the re-organization process of Hoa An 1 Stone. The ceremony took place solemnly, showed the determination to successfully re-orginazation of Hoa An Stone in order to bring the company more and more sustainable development of the entire Board of Directors and staff of the company. This is also an opportunity for members throughout the branches to work together, to meet, to share, to be more connected to the new mission of the company that each member is an important role, together contributing to sustainable development of Hoa An 1 in the future.